For all those who love to sing, I have compiled songbook of circle songs from different traditions. Click below to download.

Since several years, I am an enthusiast and advocate of composting toilets. A dear friend of mine composed this song, which often accompanies my sessions about composting. The images are taken at the Ecovillage Design Education in Glarisegg, where I teach Permaculture and Sociocracy since 2019.

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Video Channels

  • Making Small Farms Work – Richard Perkins
  • Teaming with Microbes – Jeff Lowenfels
  • People and Permaculture – Looby MacNamara
  • The Resilient Farm and Homestead – Ben Falk
  • Trees of Power – Akiva Silver
  • One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka
  • Permaculture Home Garden – Linda Woodrow
  • Gaia’s Garden – Toby Hemenway
  • Restoration Agriculture – Mark Shepard
  • Climate, a New Story – Charles Eisenstein

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