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I love teaching permaculture, it’s principles, ethics and applications. I am honoured to open the door to the possibilties of creative land-based lifestyle. From discovering “ecosystem thinking”, learning about the intricate ways of nature, to taking a closer look at indigenous practices. I’m a lover of learning, let me take you along. Find out about my upcoming courses.





There is a lot of work to be done, and a great time to be had while doing it! I see design as a conversation, between land, people and possibility. I can facilitate these conversations, for individuals as well as groups. I offer my experience with Permaculture Design, Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy, and event organization. Projects do not need to be land-based. Contact me if you are interested.


Culture Events


Transformative Culture is about responding to and integrating all that emerges in a social field. Come to an event to co-create and experience what this means to you. Check out the different projects. I also offer my experience with co-creation, and can facilitate its process with tools, like community building methods and design for self-organizing systems. Get in contact if you are curious what a cooperation could look like.

An Introduction into Permaculture

Regenerating Local Ecosystems through Self-Reliance

25- 29 May


In a holistic and interactive way we will learn about Permaculture design, its principles and ethics. In a small group and with lots of hands-on experience we discover
the basics of vegetable and forest gardening.

By becoming full participants in our local food webs, we find ways to participate appropriately as human beings on the land we live on. This responds to local as well as global climate issues.

At the end of the course, you will look at landscapes with different eyes, know how to start a no-dig garden bed, and enjoy making great compost.


The course will take place in my Permaculture home garden close to the Bodensee in Southern Germany. We will spend most of our time outside, and in colder moments we will be able to be indoors. Accomodation is in your own tent, with possibilities to hire a room closeby, or to sleep in a dorm in the house for 10€ a night.

I ask for a sliding scale contribution between 300 and 500€
This covers the 5-day course fee, three organic meals a day and accommodation.

It is important for me to earn money with my work.
Yet I don’t want money to be an obstacle to your participation. Please contact me in case you cannot afford it.

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About Me


After finishing a master degree in Cultural Sociology at age 23, I looked at my hands and decided to live a more practical life. I felt the world is not calling for more words, but rather for right action and regenerative livelihood. So my life took a turn, and I invited my critical worldview on a journey of pragmatic idealism. In me grew the ambition to embody the knowledge and skill that enables life on a living planet. 

I started learning about permaculture in 2015, with the blessing of many inspiring places, teachers and courses. Settling down and growing my own food since 2018 grounded me on this journey. I love experimenting. I am a very practice-oriented learner, as well as being an avid reader with a growing library. I am currently studying with the German Permaculture Acadamy to become a diplomatized Permaculture Designer since 2019.

People, being as colourful and complex as ecosystems, fascinate me equally. Since 2018 I dived into regenerative design for social systems, also known as Social Permaculture. In this realm I move very practically as well, and organize co-creative, Transformative Culture gatherings. I also love guiding group processes, where I offer my experiences with Sociocracy, Permaculture Design, Dragon Dreaming, Process work, and project planning.

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